Care Guide

Our jewelry is fun but fragile due to the intrinsic nature of enamel, which has a tendency to chip under the wear and tear of everyday life.

Here is what we suggest:

  • Keep your pieces high and dry, and avoid wearing them in the shower, hot tub, hot-springs, pool, ocean or sea.
  • Be gentle! Avoid banging against hard surfaces.
  • Give them a little rest every now & then. We all need a little R&R once in awhile.

We think a little character is a good thing! Our jewelry isn't so precious that you only should wear on special occasions, but wearing to raves isn't suggested.

Chipping will not make your jewelry defective, just obviously loved. Like how we love you❤️


Stretchy, Polymer & Multi Beaded Bracelets

  • Same wearing tips as Enamel bracelets
  • Additionally, roll on or roll off the wrist, gently
  • Avoid stretching & snapping your bracelet like a rubber band 

Most of all, just have fun wearing & stacking your jewelry!

Take care!